Hotbox ERP

Designing a Toolbox For Success

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The Challenge

Hotbox ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software company. Their software system was created to manage the unique operating requirements and dynamics that come with growing a profitable cannabis business. A category that is more high touch than high tech, it was important to our client that we convey their empathy for understanding the hesitancy many of these cannabis entrepreneurs have in giving up their Google docs and spreadsheets while also representing Hotbox’s expertise and incredible creativity in developing an easy to use system.

The Solution

The Hotbox name is a wink and a nod to cannabis culture and also provides the perfect reference point for the brand’s narrative. Our solution was to activate, support and connect that narrative to their brand’s core identity. In doing this, our intention was to elevate what could have been perceived as borrowed interest to a proprietary and ownable expression. To that, it was also important to avoid category paradigms associated with Big Tech as those associations often create perceptions of complexity and expense.

Our Approach

The brand’s narrative inspired our design: “One size does not fit all, we embrace who you are and adapt to fit your needs. View your operation through multiple lenses to visibly see the overall health of your business. Our system will scale as you grow. Think of our software as the foundation that connects all aspects of your business. Our modules are powered by technology that is seamlessly integrated throughout your operation. Ours is a simple system to use but don’t let that fool you, our depth is robust and our technology is dynamic.”  Approachability and warmth—characteristics of the Hotbox founder and his team—provided the sentiment of our design.

In Conclusion

The old adage is true; a picture is worth a thousand words. We gave our client a meaningful design solution that perfectly and succinctly reflected their what, how and why.